Blueshift offers the ability to export the value behind our segmentation engine, recommendation system, and data hub capabilities to other platforms. This ability is called Syndication. Syndications are exports of customized user data, along with any desired attribute or computed insight, to outside of Blueshift's ecosystem.

For example, segments created on Blueshift can be synchronized with other marketing platforms, e.g. Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Adwords Customer Match, and Criteo. This allows the marketer to utilize Blueshift's artificial intelligence across their marketing endeavors. A custom segment that tracks potential churn customers is easily computed with Blueshift, and a syndication can export that knowledge to any supported marketing platform.

Syndications also tap into Blueshift's advanced artificial intelligence, marketers can set up scheduled exports of users along with any calculated predictive scoring, product recommendations, or other desired attributes.


We currently support up to 1 million users in a segment to push to either Facebook, Google, or Criteo.


Types of Syndications

Syndication Type Definition Key Features
Audience Syndication based on outputting user membership in a segment to another service
  • Can run continuously, keeping sync in almost real-time
  • Used for integrating Blueshift's segmentation into other platforms, such as Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Adwords Customer Match, and Criteo Ad Platform.
Attributes and Recommendations Syndication based on outputting user information, recommendations, and predictive scores.  
  • Can be used to integrate Blueshift's advanced intelligence to any system
  • If interested in this type of syndication reach out to 


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