Perform the following steps to set up integration with Google Ads:

  1. Sign into the Google Ads account that manages Customer Matches.
  2. Find and copy the Client Customer ID used to manage your user lists and paste it in the Client Customer ID field of the Setup Integrations page on the Blueshift app. In addition, specify an alias for this integration.
  3. Click Authorize Google. A pop-up window will show up that asks for permissions. Click on Allow and Google will show a verification code:
  1. Copy and paste that verification code in the Google Verification Code field that shows up on the Setup Integrations page and click Verify
  1. After the Blueshift authorizes Google integration, click Save.

Now, you can set up syndications to Google Ads Manager. For more information, see this document.

For Google Ads Manager, we currently match customers through their emails, first name, last name, country code, city code, and phone number.

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