Perform the following steps to set up integration with Facebook Custom Audience:

  1. Sign into the Facebook account that manages your Facebook advertisements.
  2. Copy the Facebook Advertising ID from the account you wish to manage and paste the ID in the Advertising Account ID field on the Setup Integrations page. In addition, specify an alias for this integration.
  3.  In addition, specify an alias for this integration.
  4. Click Authorize Facebook.  A pop-up appears that requests you to sign into the Facebook advertising account to let us access audiences that you have created in Facebook.  
  5. Authorize Blueshift with the specified permissions.
  6. After Blueshift authorizes the Facebook integration, click Save.

Now, you can set up syndications to Facebook. For more information, see this document.

For Facebook Custom Audiences, we use Multikey Matching. Instead of just sending Facebook a user's email, telephone number or mobile id, Blueshift uses all available demographical information to Facebook. This allows Facebook to find users who signed up with a different email and/or phone number and significantly increases the overall match rate.

We send the following information (if available) to Facebook:

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Gender
  4. Birth Year
  5. Birth Month
  6. Birthday
  7. Last name
  8. First name
  9. First Initial
  10. State
  11. City
  12. Zip code / Postal code
  13. Country code
  14. Mobile advertiser id
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