Criteo - Audience

Perform the following steps to set up integration with Criteo Ad Platform:

  1.  Sign into the Criteo account that you want to integrate with Blueshift.  
  2. Copy the Advertiser ID, Client ID, and Client Secret from the account you wish to integrate and paste it in the Advertising Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret fields on the Setup Integrations page. In addition, specify an alias for this integration.
  3. Click Authorize Criteo.
  4. After Blueshift authorizes the Criteo integration, click Save

Now, you can set up syndications to Criteo. For more information, see this document.

For Criteo, we currently match customers through their emails, IDFA (iOS identifier for advertisers) and AAID (Android Advertising ID). More attributes such as name, country code, and phone number will be supported soon.


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