Adroll - Audience (via Cloud App)

The AdRoll template allows display advertising with journeys. An AdRoll account and an AdRoll developer account are required to use this template. To use this template, only the “API Endpoint” and “Auth Header Value” need to be provided. Using the developer account, you can create an app for AdRoll. The Client ID of the app acts as the API key. For the “API Endpoint” field input your AdRoll API key as indicated. For example, if your API key is “abc123xyz456”, then the “API Endpoint” will be “”. Note that the


For the “Auth Header Value” your AdRoll email and password are required. Note that these are your credentials for the main AdRoll account and not the developer account. You need to put the email, then a “:”, then the password, and base64 encode this. You need to add this to the end of “Basic ”. For example, if the email is “”, and the password is “Xyz123”, then “” needs to be encoded, which gives “YWJjQGV4YW1wbGUuY29tOlh5ejEyMw==”. So the final header will be

“Basic YWJjQGV4YW1wbGUuY29tOlh5ejEyMw==”.adroll.png

For more information about the AdRoll API visit

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