Blueshift combines real-time CDP, AI-powered decisioning, and cross-channel delivery all in one place to deliver truly personalized and impactful customer interactions. 

With Blueshift’s Free CDP Starter Pack, you can start small and seamlessly grow as your needs change. Blueshift offers the flexibility, customizability, scalability to support current and future business needs and volumes.

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For more information, see Blueshift plans and pricing.

What can you do with the CDP Starter Pack

With the CDP Starter Pack, you can easily ingest and consolidate customer data, activate and segment audiences, personalize customer journeys, and analyze performance.

Ingest data and unlock it’s true potential

Import data

Blueshift’s pre-built integrations are easy to set up and make it easy to ingest data from your various data sources into Blueshift. You can import data from multiple sources including several data warehouses such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Databricks.

For more information, see Manage Data in Blueshift.

Unified customer 360 profiles

Once the customer data is imported, Blueshift creates 360-degree profiles for every known and anonymous customer with cross-device identity resolution. As you continuously learn more about your customers and send new data to Blueshift, the customer profile becomes more granular and robust. You can now use these profiles to deliver personalized experiences across all user touchpoints.

For more information, see Unified 360-degree customer profile.

Build and analyze audience segments

Build precise segments

Create segments to identify and group your customers based on certain attributes so that you can deliver the most relevant marketing messages to them. Every customer is different and with effective segmentation you can tailor your interactions with customers who have similar affinities. With Blueshift’s easy-to-use drop-down basic segment builder you can build precise segments using data from the customer 360 view without any SQL knowledge.

For more information, see Segmentation overview.

Analyze your audience

Audience Insight Reports offer insights into your customers and help you understand how different customer cohorts (based on any customer attribute of your choice) are contributing to your top line and bottom line metrics like revenue, orders and other goal metrics. Using Audience Insights, you can identify target audiences who are driving the most impact and allocate your marketing budget effectively. 

For more information, see Audience Insights.

Connect your marketing channels

Blueshift’s App Hub has a growing list of pre-built integrations that you can use to connect to your favorite cloud app destinations like Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Whatsapp, and so on, and start using in minutes. You can also integrate with custom destinations without any additional coding required.

For a list of supported integrations, see the App Hub.

You can sync audiences to paid media destinations to optimize paid media budgets and targeting using first-party data. Our pre-built integrations also allow you to extend beyond traditional marketing channels to include support, call centers, CRMs, and more.

For more information, see Audience Syndication and Customer Data Syndication.

Activate data to deliver personalized customer journeys

Blueshift’s Journey Builder provides a highly intuitive user interface which enables you to visualize and quickly design personalized, omnichannel experiences that drive customer engagement.

Using Blueshift’s personalization capabilities, you can fully personalize messages and the user experience in real-time and identify the next-best-action, whether it's related to content, channel, or time, within the user journey to ensure that the right message is sent in the right channel at the most optimal time for every individual user.

For more information, see Campaigns overview.

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