Blueshift APIs

Blueshift provides various REST APIS to integrate your site with the Blueshift platform and send data to it.

Using the REST APIs you can interact with Blueshift platform in the following ways:

  • Integrate user data
  • Send events (customer interactions)
  • Integrate your products and catalogs
  • Run campaigns on various messaging channels, including email, SMS, mobile push notifications, IVR and more
  • Fetch live-content for personalizing your website or mobile application

Visit the Blueshift Developer Portal for REST API details.


Search customer

Create or update customer

Get customer

Bulk create/update

Stop tracking a customer

Start tracking a customer

Delete a customer

Merge customers

Custom user lists

Create empty list

Add user to list

Remove user from list

Get seed lists from your account


Create a catalog

Get list of catalogs

Add items to a catalog

Get catalog details


Send an event

Send bulk events

Most recent event

Summary of events


Get list of segments

Live content


Live content


Create a campaign

Trigger a campaign

Bulk trigger campaigns

Performance summary

Detailed report

Webhook for campaign execution status

Interest Alerts

Subscribe to a topic

Update or alert customers

Unsubscribe from a topic

Get customer subscriptions

Email templates

List email templates

Create email template

Get template details

Update email template

Send a test mail

Push templates

List push templates

Create a template

Push a test message

Update a template

SMS templates

List SMS templates

Create a template

Update a template

Send a test SMS

External Fetch

List external fetch templates

Create an external fetch template

Update an external fetch template


List adapters


List tags and tag folders


Get customer events



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