Blueshift’s Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

Blueshift helps deliver relevant, connected experiences across every customer interaction - email, in-app, push, SMS, web, direct mail, support, IVR, and more.

Blueshift's Intelligent CEP provides the complete toolkit to create, scale, and optimize 1:1 experiences across the entire omnichannel journey. By combining a customer data platform with marketing automation, marketers have a central platform that provides quick access to rich, unified customer data and enables them to easily and independently do advanced audience segmentation, create dynamic personalized content and recommendations, design on-brand creative templates, orchestrate and execute omnichannel campaigns, analyze campaign performance, and test and optimize campaigns.

What are the benefits of Blueshift's Intelligent CEP?

Blueshift has been architected as an open and extensible platform that is both data and vendor agnostic. This allows you to seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, thereby streamlining the implementation process and reducing the time to value.

Blueshift's Intelligent CEP can process large volumes of data and campaign workloads without interference or latency. It offers the flexibility, customizability, scalability to support current and future business needs and volume. We can easily and automatically scale linearly with your seasonal demands. It is a reliable platform with nearly zero down-time.

Through our pre-built integrations, we make it easy to both ingest data from your various data sources into Blueshift and export data back to your tech stack. You can use this data further to optimize the user experience across every touchpoint with the brand. Blueshift is extensible to new channels, systems, and data sources.


How does Blueshift unify your customer data

Blueshift's Intelligent CEP creates rich, always up-to-date profiles of every anonymous and known customer by pooling together all your customer data — historic interactions, real-time behaviors, and predicted future actions — from all channels, devices, and systems in real-time.

These profiles capture each and every interaction customers have had with your brand, whether that’s recording an opened email, viewed product, or a transaction — from across all touchpoints. New data is constantly streamed to ensure your marketing is being guided by complete, accurate, up-to-date insight.

These actionable, ready to use profiles, connect the stack around a unified, holistic customer understanding. Marketers also have the ability to create advanced, granular segments that are ready to be activated across their ecosystem.

How does Blueshift provide omnichannel orchestration

Blueshift's Intelligent CEP acts as a central hub for your company’s martech. It connects all channels and applications and guides interactions throughout the omnichannel customer journey by being responsive to customer behaviors.

It is a single platform for marketers to craft and activate experiences across all their channels. The platform also automatically triggers timely interactions in response to real-time customer behaviors.
Blueshift provides an ever growing extensive library of native off-the-shelf integrations with marketing channels and platforms, data management systems, and enterprise technologies that help our customers to seamlessly integrate with their existing technologies and deliver personalized experiences across all user touchpoints.

How does Blueshift’s Predictive Intelligence help you make smart decisions

Blueshift’s AI and intelligent decisioning enable real-time experiences driven by a true, in-the-moment understanding of your customers, taking into account their complete history with the brand, current context, and predicted behaviors. AI continuously optimizes who is being targeted, with what content, on which channel, and at what time based on customer interactions. And a built-in 1:1 personalization engine surfaces the products, content, and offers that are messaged to what will resonate in the moment.

This combination of data unification, orchestration, and intelligent decisioning makes it easier than ever to scale up 1:1 personalized experiences. AI-powered decisioning also gives marketers an assist by automating away time-consuming processes needed to make it work.



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