Blueshift Demo Instances

Test drive Blueshift to see how you can easily create, scale, and optimize 1:1 experiences across the entire omnichannel journey.

What is a Blueshift Demo Instance

A Blueshift Demo instance lets you experience the product first hand. Explore Blueshift’s core features and understand how to get the best out of Blueshift. The Demo instance has several guided product tours to enable you to learn more about Blueshift.

Go to, sign up, and start exploring!

What can you do with the Blueshift Demo Instance

The Blueshift Demo instance is a sandbox environment provided so that you can dive straight in and explore. 

  • View the product tours to understand Blueshift’s powerful features.
  • Browse through the segments, messaging templates, and campaign journeys.
  • Copy sample content or create new content for a hands-on experience.
  • Browse through the App Hub and view the various pre-built integrations available.

Preloaded Data

The Blueshift Demo instance is pre-loaded with content that matches your business vertical and helps you to understand how to best use Blueshift features. The following sample data and sample configurations are included:


  • You cannot launch campaigns.
  • You can view and copy the sample content, but you cannot edit it.
  • You cannot copy any assets from the Demo instance to your production instance.
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