With Blueshift’s pre-built integrations, it is easy to both ingest data from various data sources into Blueshift and to export data back to your tech stack. The data that you send to Blueshift can be the data of your customers, the events that occur on your site (such as user_identify, purchase, add_to_cart etc), the products that you sell, and how the products are cataloged on your site. You can use this data further to optimize the user experience across every touchpoint with the brand.

Blueshift’s pre-built integrations are easy to set up and simply require adding and validating the vendor's authentication credentials in the integration settings within the Blueshift UI to enable these integrations.

Import data into Blueshift

In order to leverage all features and personalization capabilities of Blueshift, we recommend that you send us the following data:

Export data from Blueshift

Blueshift supports multiple ways of exporting customer data, event data, and catalog data.

Blueshift can also export campaign status and campaign activity data. Additionally, Blueshift also exports all the raw campaign actions (sent, delivered, opened, and so on) from your campaigns in the form of campaign activity reports which give you lots of valuable information to track and measure the performance of your campaigns.


Blueshift's fair use policy sets forth Blueshift’s expectations for the fair use of our systems in order to protect the integrity and stability of our service. Exceeding these limits will incur additional costs. The data retention policy outlines how event data is indexed for segmentation. For more information, see Fair use and Data retention policy.

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