Blueshift supports multiple ways of exporting customer data. 

Export customer data

You can export customer data from Blueshift using any of the following methods:

Customer Lists You can split a segment into multiple lists of customers and download the lists.
Segment members

You can export the list of users in a particular segment (at that moment) from the segment details page or from the action menu.

You can also export segments from Blueshift on a regular cadence in to S3 or an SFTP server as CSV files for use in your custom workflows or for integration with your data warehouse. The exported segment file can include user attributes, as well as content recommendations.

Integrations Integrate with external apps to export customer data to the apps. The export can be in the form of customer data or audience syndications.
APIs Use Blueshift's Search customer API or Get customer API to get customer data from Blueshift.
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