There are multiple days you can take a look at the event data. You can either use the most recent event API or the event summary API. Or you can take a look at the data that we export to S3.

For more information on the APIs, see:

Ensure that you test the APIs using the links above to see the results of the API calls. Rest of the article describes how you can access the event data on the S3 bucket that's assigned to you. You can find your s3 credentials on your Account Profile page. Only admins will be able to view the s3 credentials.


Event archive

Once an event has been processed it gets archived to S3. All the processed events can be fetched from the following location in S3:

Bucket: bsft-customers
S3_path: <site>/events/<year>/<month>/<day>

S3 error reports

Any event processing errors will be exported to the following s3 locations:

Bucket: bsft-customers
S3_path: <site>/events/errors/<year>/<month>/<day>

Below is a sample error event with the detailed error message:

  "event": "subscription_update",
  "site": "",
  "user_agent": "Faraday v0.9.2",
  "timestamp": "2018-08-22T07:29:58Z",
  "account_uuid": "1ecf5042-7738-44d7-a09c-bb89ff8f5327",
  "event_uuid": "1c0108b0-a5dd-11e8-ad27-0242ac110005",
  "timestamp_epoch": 1534922998,
  "browser_type": "Faraday",
  "browser_version": "",
  "browser_platform": null,
  "error_message": "Missing Customer Identifier (cookie, device_ids, email, email_hash, retailer_customer_id)",
  "error_type": "missing_identifier"
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