Catalog Driven Changes

Blueshift has the ability to auto-generate and trigger smart notifications (email or push) such as price drop, back in stock alerts, etc. The Blueshift platform uses a combination of user metadata, browsing behavior and catalog/content changes to trigger these notifications.

Here are some examples of segment triggered campaigns based on catalog driven changes. Contact your CSM to explore these and other custom use cases.

Use Case 1: Price Drop

  • When – The price of an item changes within X days (we recommend at least 7 days).
  • Who to target (Segment) – All users who have viewed but have not purchased (can also base it off other events).
  • Data Needed - Product catalog with price information.


Use Case 2: Back In Stock

  • When – The product they viewed in the last 7 days is back in stock.
  • Who to target (Segment) – All users who have viewed an out of stock item.
  • Data Needed - Product catalog with availability (in stock or out of stock) or dates (start and end).


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