Segment is a flexible and fast alternative to integrating Blueshift. They are a customer data hub for easily installing marketing and analytics software.

If you currently use Segment, you can integrate your data into Blueshift with a 1-click integration.

  • Enter Blueshift's Event API Key on the Settings page in Segment. Do not check the Retarget option. In a few minutes, you should see data/events from Segment flow into Blueshift




Send campaign engagement data back to

Blueshift also supports sending campaign engagement data back into with the use of Sources. In order to use the sources integration, you will need a "Write key" from and enter it in the Blueshift Account Setup dashboard. Once the key is entered ensure that you select enabled on the Blueshift Event notifications. You can find more information on this integration including schema specs from Blueshift source documentation page.




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