Export selected campaign activities

Blueshift can export selected campaign activity each time your customer interacts with a marketing message. Depending on the events that you select for export, Blueshift sends a notification each time the event occurs.

For example, when the customer opens, clicks, or unsubscribes to marketing messages, or if marketing messages bounce or get delivered.

Notifications can be sent to Segment.com, mParticle, Mixpanel or a Custom webhook URL. You can use this to update analytics or route the data to other partners you may be using.


A batch of these notifications is created every 1 minute.

Notification batches are not created if you disable the exporting of campaign activities. Campaign activity updates are not queued and are discarded. You can still download campaign activities as campaign reports.

Export selected campaign activity data

In order to export selected campaign activities, go to Account Settings > Campaign Activity Export tab and set up the required configurations.


Field Description
Messaging Event Notifications Set to enabled to send selected events in real time to the destination set in the Send Notifications to field.
Send Notifications to

Select the destination to which events data is to be sent. You can set the destination as one of the following options:

  • Custom webhook URL
  • Segment.com
  • mParticle
  • Mixpanel

Webhook URL

The URL to which messaging events details are sent when a new event like open, click, bounce and so on, occurs for a message sent using any campaigns from Blueshift.


Select the type of authentication as None or Basic HTTPS.
Username The username if the Authentication is set as Basic HTTPS.
Password The password if the Authentication is set as Basic HTTPS.
Select events you want to export Select the events that you want to export.

Ensure that you Save your settings.


For SMS channels, the Inbound Message events are available only if you are using Blueshift Full Service SMS offering or if you are using Sinch as your SMS provider. For more information, see 2-way SMS messaging.

This is how the notification content looks if the payload of the webhook callback is batched.

"batch": [
    "campaign_name":"Abandoned cart",
    "user_agent":"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.9; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0",


This is a sample JSON and the actual JSON that you receive may look slightly different. Other attribute might also be added to the JSON in the future.

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