Blueshift supports reporting on custom goals in campaign reporting. Custom goals help understand the downstream effects of campaigns on your business metrics.


  • "Wishlist" for eCommerce: An abandoned cart campaign may result in purchases or drive users to add the item to wishlist. Custom campaign goals can help track number of users that "Wish-listed" an item based on a campaign message.
  • "Course signup" for e-learning business: An e-learning business  may have a custom goal of number of users who signed up for a course as a result of a personalized marketing campaign.

Custom goals can be used to measure any bottom of funnel business metric and attribute it to marketing campaigns. Please reach out to to enable custom goals on select events.

Custom goals are setup from the "click-stream" event page by marking certain events as "Goal" events. When Blueshift receives these events, it will try to attribute the event (custom goal) to a campaign message based on the attribution settings.

Events that are setup as custom goals will have a "Goal Event" setting enabled. Blueshift success team can enable events as goal events.  Please reach out to to setup this capability.





Setup campaign reporting by clicking the gear icon on the Campaigns tab to select the custom goal metrics to show. Campaign reporting can also show compound metrics based on custom goals.


Once configured, the campaign overview page and detail page will list the custom goal completions. In the screenshot below, it shows the number of items "Wish-listed" as a result of a message from the campaign.



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