If your campaign journey is validated and does not have any errors, you can launch your campaign.

Click Launch to launch the campaign.

  • The campaign will start executing and sending messages at the time set in the Execution Schedule on the Properties tab.
  • The campaign status is now set to Launched.
  • You cannot edit any campaign properties or any campaign journey components unless it is an event triggered campaign.
  • For other campaign types, you can Pause the campaign in order to edit it.

Trigger the campaign using API endpoint

For an event triggered campaign, where you have selected to trigger the campaign when the API endpoint is called, you must call the Trigger a campaign API when the triggering event occurs (for example, an add_to_cart event).

To trigger a campaign using the API endpoint, you must provide the campaign UUID and the email of the customer for whom you want to run the campaign. If a triggering event occurs and your site/service/app calls this endpoint with the required parameters, the Blueshift platform runs the campaign.

You can copy the campaign UUID from the URL of the campaign on the Blueshift app. For example, if you open a campaign in the Blueshift app, its URL looks like https://app.getblueshift.com/dashboard#/app/campaigns/<CAMPAIGN_UUID>/details.

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