Event Imports

You can use the Event Imports dashboard to import your events


1. Events file (csv)

Prepare a csv with a user identifier (email or customer_id) and a list of event attributes you want to import

Data Format

  • customer identifier (email or customer_id)
  • Product Id list (separated by a delimiter if there are multiple products)

Sample Data:

email product_ids revenue
testuser1@gmail.com SKU0000|SKU1111 120.5
testuser2@gmail.com SKU222|SKU333|SKU5555 112.7

**timestamp: If you don't set the timestamp field, it will default to the time when the event is imported into Blueshift


2. Import Event File

You can create a new event import feed by clicking on the "+ Event Import" button on the Event Import Index page

You can also click on the "Import" button if you want to import events into an existing event feed


3. Map Event Attributes

  1. Choose the event you want to import
  2. Trigger Campaign: Check this box if you want to trigger any Event Triggered Campaigns associated with this event (optional)

**Trigger Campaigns: If you enable "Trigger Campaigns", you may trigger any Event-Triggered Campaigns based on this event

  1. Choose the file you want to import
  2. Map the columns from .csv to event attributes you want to import
  3. If you have products, enter the "Field Separator", if you have multiple products or else just leave it blank (optional)
  4. Click on Import Events

You will receive an email notification when the upload process completes, including the error report.  You can also cc' multiple people within and outside the org on customer or event data imports.

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