Blueshift provides a flexible and robust Insights module that allows you to easily create reports, tables, graphical charts, and visual dashboards to view key campaign performance data and identify optimization opportunities.

Using Blueshift's reporting capabilities, you can easily slice and dice data and dig deep into campaign performance by creating reports that achieve the following:

  • Monitor how campaigns managed through Blueshift impact user engagement on your site.
  • Analyze how campaign performance varies by parameters such as devices, segments, templates, browsers, and email service providers.
  • Measure the impact of different features (such as multi-channel vs single-channel, recommendations, and campaign time optimizations) on the performance of your campaigns.
  • Analyze campaign effectiveness across channels, including email, SMS, push, in-app, website via Live Content, and other activation channels via Cloud App.
  • Check results of A/B/n tests.
  • Identify top performing campaigns, templates, segments, types of campaigns, channels, etc.


Blueshift provides a robust set of default, out-of-the-box best-practice reports, which you can easily edit, copy/clone, and customize to your specific business and reporting requirements with the metrics that matter for your business.

You also have the flexibility to easily create new custom reports that are specific to your reporting and business requirements. For more information about our Insight Reports capability, see Insights Reports.


A dashboard provides a single view where you bring together the most commonly used reports to effectively monitor and evaluate the performance of your campaigns and marketing initiatives. Within a dashboard, you can easily add reports and show the results in aggregate view, table view, or chart view, depending your preferred way to visualize the data.

We provide a robust set of default, out-of-the-box best-practice dashboards, as well as the flexibility for you to create and customize as many dashboards as you need. You can create both role-specific, custom dashboards that include either reports that were previously built using Insights Reports or created as custom reports and/or charts that are specific to that dashboard.

For example, you can create multiple dashboards that give you an overview of:

  • The performance of a channel
  • Deliverability of messages across campaigns and channels
  • Revenue generated using multiple campaigns

A/B testing

Blueshift offers powerful and granular testing capabilities, including A/B/n tests with unlimited variations that can be performed across different channels and platforms including email, push, SMS, and website.

For example, Blueshift provides the capability to understand which template variant performs better by testing several templates that may have different subject lines, send alias, time of day, day of week, different forms of personalization, or entirely different content.

During campaign setup, you simply add the templates that are part of the A/B test and assign the distribution percentage that should be sent to each. There is no limitation to the number of templates that can be tested. Furthermore, you can test any combination of subject lines, message body, templates, content, send times, recommendation types, as well the entire lifecycle journey sequence.

Campaign statistics

Blueshift collects and reports all campaign statistics for each variant including sends, impressions, clicks, unsubscribes, orders, revenue or custom goals and, thus, provides the ability for you to understand the results of A/B tests by calculating statistically relevant rankings based on a number of metrics, such as clicks, visits, page loads, and so on.

Current testing capabilities provide the rankings for you to view from the campaign dashboard. Using the campaign journey builder, you can pick variants, show variant stats, and preview templates visually.

Once the campaign is live, campaign statistics for all template variants can be viewed and analyzed within the campaign reporting. For each template variant, we provide a number of metrics including number of users, impressions, clicks, as well as conversion events like orders and revenue, as well as any custom goals that are defined by the customer. In addition, you can also enable an auto-winning feature for the system to automatically route messaging the highest-ranking variant.

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