Branch helps companies drive seamless mobile experiences through its linking infrastructure powering thousands of today's top brands. Once you have your app integrated with the Branch SDK, you can enable the deep linking integration on Blueshift.

Follow these one-time steps to enable Blueshift+Branch integration:

a. Follow the Branch documentation to setup deep linking in Branch and enable the Blueshift integration.

b. As a one-time setup, ask your Blueshift Account Manager, to enable integration in your account. This is a one-time setup that is done during account onboarding if you are already using or can be added later on when you do the Branch SDK integration.   

Note: You need to change the cname to the branch cname within the dashboard at:

c. Once your integration is live, you can use Branch supported deeplinks:
In your email templates, you must add a deeplink="true" attribute to links that should treated as deep links or iOS universal links. This attribute must be present in order for the link to open the app as expected.


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