Basic vs Advanced Segments

Difference between segment types


1. Basic Segment:


- Has Basic segmentation filters
- Has access to limited conditions (logical grouping)
- Can't use Reference Segments/Member of Segments
- Can't use Mixins


2. Advance Segment



-Segmentation Editor with Advanced Grouping and composition
-Supports Advanced Conditions (logical groupings)- use of Reference/Member of Segments
-Supports use of Transaction Mixin


  • Transaction Mixin


-Mixin's are used to create reusable sub-queries which can be scoped to a particular transaction. -Mixins are scoped to that transaction condition, with the event named locked to the transaction type picked in the creation modal. "+ Add Transaction mixin"
and clicking that gives you a dropdown of compatible mixins (the ones who's doctype and event name match the condition you're in )

Overview of Segment Filters:

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