Blueshift SMS Full Service

You can run your SMS marketing campaigns from Blueshift via one of the third-party SMS apps available on the Blueshift App Hub or via Blueshift’s full-service SMS offering. 

If you opt for Blueshift's full-service offering, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Single contract - With this option, you can avoid dealing with multiple vendors, multiple agreements, and approvals.
  • Onboarding support - Blueshift will help you with all the setup, including obtaining carrier approvals for your short code or sender ID.
  • Cost savings - By consolidating multiple services into one single contract, you can reduce your overall cost of operation.
  • Single point of contact - With Blueshift's full-service offering, you'll have a dedicated customer support agent across all services, eliminating the need to shuttle between multiple platforms in case of any issues.

Package highlights

Blueshift's SMS Full Service package includes the following features:

  • Sinch account set up: Blueshift will set up your SMS provider account with Sinch.
  • Sender type provisioning: Blueshift will help provision your preferred sender type - short code, 10DLC, or toll-free number.
  • SMS adapter set up in App Hub: Blueshift will set up the SMS adapters required to send SMS messages based on your business requirements.
  • SMS subscription management by sender ID: You can use multiple sender IDs for your SMS marketing campaigns without ever having to worry about compliance. If you use different sender IDs for different purposes like deal alerts, general marketing updates, order and shipping updates, and so on, you will be able to manage your customer's subscription preferences individually for each sender ID.
  • Tracking SMS and MMS sends by region: Blueshift provides a country wise breakdown of your SMS and MMS sends. You can use this to understand the cost of sending messages across particular countries.

For more information about Blueshift’s SMS Full Service package, contact your CSM.

Supported message types

Blueshift's SMS Full Service package supports both SMS and MMS messages and also supports 2-way SMS conversations.

Tracked events

We can track the following events:

  • Sends
  • Delivered
  • Bounces (messages may not be delivered to a customer in cases such as a customer's phone is switched off or it's out of network coverage area)
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribes/Subscribes

Subscribing or unsubscribing a customer

When a customer replies to your SMS campaign message with an opt-out keyword, an SMS unsubscribe event is created and sent to Blueshift. Blueshift will unsubscribe all customer records that share the same phone number.

A customer can send a reply SMS using one of the following opt-out keywords to unsubscribe:


When a customer replies with an opt-in keyword, an SMS subscription event is generated and sent to Blueshift. Blueshift will then subscribe to the last customer record matching the messaged phone number.

A customer can send a reply SMS using one of the following opt-in keywords to subscribe:



It is important that all your customer phone numbers are saved in the E.164 standard. Otherwise, Blueshift might not be able to find all the customers that have a given phone number and thus would not be able to unsubscribe all the customers.


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