Blueshift creates unified, comprehensive profiles of each customer by aggregating data from across all customer touchpoints. The customer profile contains explicit attributes that are based on the data sent to Blueshift by you, attributes that are derived from the customer data collected, and predictive attributes that are computed using Blueshift’s AI-powered predictive models.

You can use these customer attributes to build precise segments to target a particular audience, in campaign filters, and to personalize your messages using Liquid.

Consider the following points about customer attributes:

A user attribute called bsft_control_bucket is also assigned to every customer, identified or anonymous, when the customer is created in Blueshift.


  • Customer attributes are also referred to as user attributes in Blueshift.
  • All of these user fields are case-sensitive and space-sensitive.
  • When you import customer attributes, you can set the data type for any custom attributes in the import task. You cannot change the data type for a custom attribute once it is imported. If you have accidentally set the incorrect data type for a custom attribute, create a new attribute and re-upload customer data.


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