Blueshift creates unified, comprehensive customer profiles by aggregating data from across all customer touchpoints. Blueshift supports multiple ways of importing customers and customer data. Customer data can include customer identifiers, standard customer attributes and custom attributes.

After you import customer data into your Blueshift account, Blueshift can easily build a 360 degree view of all your customers. The customer profile contains explicit attributes that are based on the data sent to Blueshift by you, attributes that are derived from the customer data collected, and predictive attributes that are computed using Blueshift’s AI-powered predictive models. You can easily search and access a customer profile within the Blueshift UI based on any customer attribute.

You can also import historical customer data in CSV format into Blueshift to help build a better profile of your customers.

Import and export customer data

Blueshift provides several methods and pre-built integrations using which you can import and export customer data. 

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