Troubleshooting segments

Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot segments in Blueshift.

Tracking changes

Q. How do I find out if any changes were made to a segment?

You can find the changes made to a segment by accessing the audit trail for the segment. Open the segment and click the Audit Trail icon located in the top right corner.

Segment Counts

Q. Why does the segment show fewer customers than expected?

If the segment shows a count of 0 or it shows an incorrect/unexpected count, verify the following points:

  • Ensure that you refresh user counts to get the latest segment membership count. The time of the last segment count refresh is displayed. 
  • If the segment count still shows as 0 or incorrect, remove the conditions and add them one by one to find the cause for the 0 or incorrect segment count.
  • Verify if the segment was modified by accessing the audit trail for the segment. Changes to the segment logic affect the segment count.
  • If you have a global inclusion segment configured for your account, this might affect the segment count. Select the “See counts without global inclusion logic” option to see how the global inclusion segment is affecting your segment count. To include all eligible users, set the “Skip global inclusion segment check” option in the campaign properties for the campaign that uses this segment.

Q. How do I verify if a particular customer is part of a segment?

Create a new segment and add the following conditions:

  • Member of segment and add the segment that you are checking for.
  • User attribute and add a condition for email is equal to <email of the customer> or for the unique identifier that you are using for your customers.

If the customer is not a part of the segment, verify if the customer satisfies the conditions for the segment.


Find out if the customer is part of the "Monthly Newsletter" segment.

Step 1: Create a new segment with the following criteria:

  • Add Condition 1: Member of Segment for Monthly  Newsletter segment. 
  • Add Condition 2: User attribute "email" is equal to ""
  • Refresh segment count to verify if the customer is part of the segment (Count = 1).


Step 2: If the customer is not part of the segment, verify if the customer satisfies the conditions for the segment.

In this example, we are looking for customers who are have signed up for a newsletter (monthly_newsletter=subscribed). Go to the customer profile for the customer and verify that the attribute “monthly_newsletter” is present on the customer profile and is set to “subscribed”.

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