Global Inclusion Segment

A Global inclusion segment is an optional, top-level safeguard that helps ensure that an account can only message users based on certain user attributes. You can use this to restrict messaging to users who have opted in, based on user location or based on other business practices.

Account admins can set up a global inclusion segment from the Other Settings tab.


Contact to enable setting up of a global inclusion segment for your account.

A global inclusion segment has the following characteristics:

  • There can only be one per account.
  • The segment logic is limited to user attributes.
  • A user must match global inclusion segment criteria in addition to the segment criteria to qualify for a segment.
  • A user must match global inclusion segment criteria in addition to the filter criteria in the trigger to be eligible for messaging.


Here's an example of a global inclusion segment that restricts its account to only have access to users who have a last_location_country attribute equal to "USA". Users that do not belong to this Global Inclusion Segment will not be messaged on any channel.


Effect of applying a global inclusion segment

When you create or edit a segment, by default, you see the number of users in the segment with the global inclusion segment applied.

You can view the number of users in a segment if the global inclusion segment is not applied by clicking Advanced and then selecting the See counts without the global inclusion logic option.

Note: This option only shows the number of users in the segment without the global inclusion logic. These users are not included in the segment.


Add a global inclusion segment

To add a global inclusion segment, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Account Settings > Other Settings tab, click + Create Global Inclusion Segment.


  2. An empty segment with no criteria is created and is set as Disabled.
  3. Click Edit Global Segment Criteria to set the segment criteria.
  4. Then click Enable Global Segment. The global inclusion segment is now Enabled.
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