You can export the list of members in a segments and also split the users into multiple segment lists.

Export Segments

You can export the list of members in a segment by clicking the Export option in the Segment action menu. You can also export the list of members in a segment when you edit the segment by clicking Export User List

You can also export segments from Blueshift on a regular cadence in to S3 or an SFTP server as CSV files for use in your custom workflows or for integration with your data warehouse. The exported segment file can include user attributes, as well as content recommendations.

For recurring exports, use Attribute and Recommendation Syndication.  

Split segments into lists

You can split any dynamic segment into randomized lists and target different campaign variants at different lists. 

To split a segment into lists, complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the segment that you want to split on the Segment index page.
  2. Open the Segment action menu for the segment and click Create lists.


  3. You can also split a segment by going to Customer Data > Lists. Click +Customer List > Split Segment and search for the required segment.


  4. Split the segment into separate lists as required.


    1. Select the number of lists you want to split this segment into.
    2. Modify the Name for the list as required.
    3. Allocate the percentage split for each new list. The total percentage must add up to 100%. 
    4. Add a description for the new list. 
  5. Click Create Lists.
    You are now redirected to the Customer Data > Lists page where you can see the new lists.
  6. Wait until the list status shows as ready to indicate that processing is completed.

You can now use this list in other segments. You can combine multiple lists in your segment to include/exclude users depending on their list membership.


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