A Customer list is a static list of users. You can use customer lists for different reasons.

For example:

  • To add additional users not captured in Blueshift.
  • Withhold a randomly selected set of users from being messaged for purpose of a "control" group.
  • Use in a segment to simply send an email to an externally generated list of emails.

To upload a customer list, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a .txt or .csv file (no header) with either customer_id or email (one per line).
  2. Go to Customers > List and click File Upload.


  3. Select the file to upload, add a description, and click Upload.


New Customer

If a user in the customer list does not exist in Blueshift, a profile is created in Blueshift and the joined_at date is set as the file upload date/time.

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