A Customer list is a static list of customers. When you upload a customer list, if a customer in the customer list does not exist in Blueshift, a profile is created.

 You can use customer lists for different reasons. For example:

  • To add additional customers not captured in Blueshift.
  • Withhold a randomly selected set of customers from being messaged for purpose of a "control" group.
  • Use in a segment to simply send an email to an externally generated list of emails.

Customer data format

  • A customer list must be a .txt file with one email or customer_id per row.
  • Do not include any headers.
  • Do not include any attributes.

Note: If you are using the customer list to create customers in Blueshift, you can add attributes for these customers by uploading data from Customer Data > Attributes.

View customer lists

To view uploaded customer lists or customer lists created from segments, go to Customers > List. You can view, edit, or remove a customer list. You can also export a customer list in CSV format to your email address.


You cannot remove a customer list that is being used in an active segment or active campaign.


View customer list details

Click a list to view the list details. The customer list details page also lists the campaigns and segments that the customer list is used in.


Upload a customer list

To upload a customer list, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Customers > List and click +CUSTOMER LIST > File Upload.
  2. Select the File to upload.
  3. Modify the Name for the list as required.
    Note: You cannot change the name of a list once it is created.
  4. Select the Identifier as either Email or Customer ID.
  5. Sample data is fetched from the file.
  6. Verify the sample data.
  7. Add a Description.
  8. Click Upload.


Create a customer list from a segment

You can split any segment into randomized lists and target different campaign variants at different lists.

For more information, see Split segments into lists.


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