With Blueshift’s Live content, you can create a personalized experience for customers when they visit your website or use your mobile app. Live content is displayed in dedicated slots on your website pages or app screens. A slot is a placeholder where targeted content is displayed. You can include multiple slots on a page, to insert multiple targeted content widgets for users.

With Blueshift’s intuitive creative studio for live content template design, you can:

  • Easily build HTML or JSON templates. 
  • Personalize templates to include branding, images, preferred layouts, color schemes, and more.
  • Use the open source version of Liquid templating language to reference and create personalized content in your slots. For more information, see Personalization using Liquid.
  • Include a recommendation algorithm to automatically suggest products personalized for a customer. You can also see predictive scores and affinities that are associated with a customer's profile. You can use such values to include or exclude recommendations from being displayed in the slot. 

The Live content studio allows you to create Live content templates which you can then use in one or more campaigns to display personalized widgets on your websites and apps. Blueshift allows you to easily clone Live content templates which you can then edit to create different versions of the original. If you have multiple accounts, you can also copy over Live content templates to a different account. Refer to Copy templates or assets to a different account for more information.

View live content assets

To display content on your webpage or app, you must define a slot and also add a template for the content. When you create a campaign for Live content, you must select a slot and a template for the content.

You can view all your live content assets by going to Templates > Live Content.

Go to the Slots tab to view all the slots.


Go to the Templates tab to view all the templates.


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