Copy templates or assets to a different account

With Blueshift, if you create an email, push, in-app, SMS, cloud app, external fetch, or live content templates, or add shared assets and images in one account, you can copy them to another account instead of creating or adding them again.

To do this, ensure that:

  • You can access both the accounts 
  • You have permissions to view, create, and edit the creative in both the accounts

Perform the following steps to copy a template from one account to another:

  1. On the index page that lists all the templates, click on the menu button that appears when you hover the mouse pointer over the row of the template > Copy To
  2. On the Copy to Another Account dialog that appears, choose an account from the list and then click Next

  3. A copy of the template with the same name is created in the destination account.

    If a template with the same name exists in the destination account, our
     platform prompts you to choose a different name.  If it does, specify a name for the template's copy and click Next. Our platform saves the copy of the selected template in the destination account with the name that you specify here. 

  4. If your template references shared assets, external fetches, recommendations, or images, our platform lists them and copies them to the destination account. You can use the options on this step to omit the referenced entities.

    If your template contains one or more of the following, our platform shows a warning message:
    • A promo code that does not exist in the destination account
    • A recommendation that refers a product, and the product does not exist in the destination account
    • AMP content, however the AMP content feature is disabled in the destination account
    • Custom plain text content, however the custom plain text content feature is disabled in the destination account
    • Link IDs, however Link IDs are disabled in the destination account

      Our platform cannot automatically copy promo codes and products from one account to another, in addition, the template functionality is limited if it uses the features available in one account but unavailable in the destination account. Ensure that promo codes and products that your template references exist in the destination account, and the features that it uses are enabled in the destination account for the copied template to function properly. 

      Go through the dialog and click Next


  5. Our platform copies the template to the other account and shows you a confirmation. Click Done on the confirmation dialog to close it or click View to see the copied template in the destination account.


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