As you design your template, you can edit the template name, organize it under tags/tag folders, and set campaign behavior properties from the Properties tab. 

In addition, you can preview the template and see how it looks to one of the customers that you have added in Blueshift. You can also change the customer to preview how the template looks for someone else. 


Campaign behavior properties

With campaign behavior properties, set the guidelines for using the template in a campaign. 

Do not message the user if any of the recommendation block(s) are empty The message is not sent to the user if any of the recommendations that you added in the template do not have any product recommendations.
Do not message the user if any of the products in the event is not available in the catalogs The message is not sent to the user if any of the products that are tied to the triggering event are not available in the catalogs.
Shorten & Track links

Any links included in the message are shortened. Blueshift also tracks customer clicks and assigns attribution.

You can white label the link URL shortening from the account level CNAME setting.  



The Campaigns section shows any campaigns that use the template and the status of the campaigns that are using this template.


Organize your marketing content by adding tags to your templates.

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