A welcome series allows you to introduce your brand to your subscribers. It creates trust and helps you establish a relationship with your customer.

Here's an example of a multi-channel, multi-series welcome email campaign that uses Blueshift's advanced filtering and branching capabilities.


Step 1: Identify the event that would trigger the campaign

The triggering event for this campaign is when the user signs up. Since there will only be one email from this campaign, use the Once in their lifetime journey control. You will also want to ignore the user messaging limit for this campaign.


Step 2: Create multi-channel journeys

Using Blueshift's branching and event filter capabilities, we can reach users based on their registration source. So in this example, an email is sent to users who signed up from the website, but a push notification is sent for users who signed up using the mobile app.

Step 3: Follow up

You can also send a follow-up message to users if they have not made a purchase within 7 days after signing up.

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