After you finish building the campaign and configuring all the components, you can save and validate the campaign journey design, view any errors, and fix them. You must Save the journey before you can validate.

During validation, the journey design is tested for the following validations:

  • Save validations: Data errors because of which the journey cannot be saved. For example, invalid field values, duplicate names for triggers, and so on.
  • Launch validations: Any errors that might result in a failure to execute the campaign if launched. For example, the end time is earlier than the start time, a segment references an empty segment, and so on.

Click Validate to run the validation.

  • The Validation panel displays all the errors and warnings.
  • Click the message to open the corresponding trigger to the location of the error.
  • You can also view the journey and easily identify the components that have validation errors.


  • Errors can cause the campaign to fail. Hence You must fix all the errors before you can launch the campaign.
  • Warnings will not cause the campaign to fail but the campaign behavior may be different from what you expect. Hence they need your attention but you don’t need to fix them in order to launch the campaign.



Validation checklist

Here are some of the problems you can check for to avoid getting errors and warnings during validations.

Note: This is not a comprehensive checklist and you might get validation errors and warnings for other reasons.

Save validations:

Checklist When Validation Type
Restriction tags are added to the campaign if the Restriction Tag feature is enabled. Save Warning
Values for messaging rate and messaging limit fields are valid and are integers. Save Error
Email addresses provided in triggers are valid. Save Error
Restriction tags for the campaign and segment match. Save Error
Restriction tags for the campaign and email adapter match. Save Error
For an API triggered campaign, check that there is no syntax error in Liquid statement in any of the triggers. Save Error
If Delay is enabled for a trigger, a value must be set for it. Save Error
Trigger names must be unique within an active campaign. Save Error
A campaign cannot have more than 200 triggers. Save Error

Launch validations:

Checklist When Validation Type
Start time is not in the past. In this case, if you launch the campaign, it will execute immediately. Launch Warning
Dayparting is set along with messaging limits. This might result in messages being sent to fewer people. Launch Warning
If you have set A/B Testing, ensure that none of the variants have 0% traffic split. Launch Warning
Start time is set. Launch Error
If you have set an In-app message expiration time, it is not earlier than the campaign start time. Launch Error
End time is not earlier than the start time. Launch Error
A segment does not reference a segment with no criteria defined. Launch Error
You cannot launch a campaign that is completed. Launch Error
Domain names provided in triggers are valid. Launch Error
If the Campaign prioritization feature is enabled, ensure that the segment you select for the one-time/ recurring campaign is not used in any other active campaign. Launch Error
If the Campaign prioritization feature is enabled, ensure that the start time and end time for the campaign is set is such a way that the campaign can run after the prioritized campaign is completed. Launch Error
Set the Skip messaging limit option for Prioritized campaigns as they are not subject to messaging limits. Launch Error
Campaign has atleast one active trigger. Launch Error
For A/B Testing, the total percentage for all the variants must add to 100%. Launch Error
For A/B Testing, ensure that you are not reusing the same template in the variants. Launch Error
For A/B Testing, ensure that a template is selected for the variant. Launch Error
Ensure that you have selected a template for the trigger. Launch Error
A merge journey trigger has a destination set. Launch Error
For automatic winner selection in a one time campaign ensure that he holdout percentage is between 1 and 50, the holdout period is between 1 and 24 hours and none of the settings are empty. Launch Error
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