Momentum is a powerful Mail Transfer Agent from SparkPost. Momentum was previously known as Message Systems. It is the same software that powers Sparkpost email delivery service.

You can download and install Momentum on your own servers and you can use that as your email delivery service.

Tracked events

Blueshift will automatically receive impression data for the emails sent using the Momentum integration and associate so that you can track performance at the campaign and customer level and apply the latest campaign engagement data to trigger next steps in the customer journey.

Before you begin

Before you can set up integration with Blueshift, you must have your Momentum account set up.

For information about setting up your Momentum account, see the Momentum documentation.

Set up integration

To set up integration, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Blueshift app, and click Apps in the left navigation menu.
  2. Go to All Apps, search for, and select Momentum.
  3. You can also go to Email Apps and select Momentum.
  4. Click Configure to view all the configured adapters.
  5. Click +ADAPTER to add an adapter.
  6. Add a Name for the adapter.  If you have multiple adapters, the adapter name helps you to identify the integration.
  7. Provide the following details for integration:


    Field Description
    Hostname The hostname for your Momentum account. Must start with http:// or https://
    Port The port for your Momentum account.
    Username Specify the Momentum username.
    Password Specify the Momentum password.
    X:Binding Specify the value for the X:Binding header.
    From Name Specify a name that is displayed on the From field of an email. 
    From Address Specify the sender's email address.  
    Reply To Address Specify the email address to which a customer can reply. 
    BCC Specify the email addresses of people who should receive the copy of the email that your customers receive. Use comma to provide multiple email addresses. For example:,,
    By default, our platform sends a copy of the email to the email addresses that you specify. If you want to include the email addresses in the BCC field of the email, drop us an email on
    Bounce Domain

    Specify the bounce domain that you added in Momentum.

    Specify the bounce domain in this format: bounces@hostname-under-CNAME-DNS-setting-in-Momentum.

    Adapter setup fails if this is not provided.

    Whitelabel host name (CNAME) Specify the sending domain's hostname. You can find it under the CNAME DNS setting in Momentum. 
  8. Click Save to add the adapter.

Next steps

  1. Create an Email template for your messages.
  2. In your campaign journey, add an Email trigger. On the Email tab of the trigger, go to Send Settings and specify Momentum as the App and select the adapter that you just created.


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