Interest alerts in event triggered campaigns

Before you set up the campaign for an Interest Alert, you must create the templates for the messages that you want to send to the users.

  1. To create a campaign journey, go to Journeys > Campaigns and click +CAMPAIGN > Event Triggered. Add a Name for your campaign and click CREATE CAMPAIGN.

    The Campaign Studio opens on the Journey Tab.

  2. In the Journey Start trigger, specify that campaign is triggered when An interest alert occurs.
  3. Select the Interest Alert Topic.

    In this example, the topic that is selected is News Alert.



  4. Add a trigger for the campaign.
  5. On the Filters tab, add a Condition for the trigger and select Condition Type as Triggering Event Attributes.


  6. Add an Attribute. Select Attribute as topic and add the specific topic as the Attribute Value.

    In this example, the attribute value for the News Alert is politics.


  7. You can add multiple conditions using various attributes associated with the Interest Alert. Similarly, you can add multiple triggers to the campaign to send updates for various topics using various channels.
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