Blueshift offers very powerful, built-in personalization and recommendation capabilities so that relevant, contextual, engaging content, offers, images, and recommendations are included in messages and adapted to each user's context to drive higher engagement and conversion (i.e., purchase, subscribe, etc.).

Blueshift can also personalize and optimize the user experience by identifying the next-best-action based on a combination of data attributes using your user's profile data, behavioral data, channel engagement data, and predictive affinities that are derived from our patented AI technology. By leveraging the user's behavioral and engagement data, the platform determines the next best action and optimizes the user journey.

You can also use user-level data to easily personalize messages. The personalization within the message is run in real-time and determined right before the message is sent to the user to ensure that the most accurate and relevant content is rendered within the message based on the user's most recent behavior, interaction, and interest.

By combining our personalization capabilities along with our channel and time optimization capabilities and predictive scores, you can fully personalize messages and the user experience in real-time and identify the next-best-action, whether it's related to content, channel, or time, within the user journey to ensure that the right message is sent in the right channel at the most optimal time for every individual user.

Personalization based on user attributes

You can leverage user attributes and recommendations to personalize the messages that the users receive.

For example, you can create business rules that show different content in the message based on the user's gender or leverage the user's language or country preferences to personalize the message with language specific content.

Or for a re-engagement retargeting campaign, the messages can include dynamic product recommendations that feature the product that has been viewed and a special section with "recommended products for you" based on user affinities, category affinities, and other product metadata along with other recommendations like “other popular offers in this category” or “Products that you may like”. This can be done easily using the Recommendation studio.

Personalization of a user’s journey in a campaign

Blueshift uses patented AI technology to unify and activate the fullness of customer data and drive real-time decisioning that enables you to fully personalize experiences to your required outcomes, such as higher engagement, higher conversion, and increased revenue. Blueshift's real-time decisioning includes the ability to automatically determine each individual user's 1) propensities and affinities through predictive scores, 2) 1:1 personalized content and product recommendations, 3) channel of choice, 4) and best time to engage.

This intelligence is used by Blueshift to make real-time decisions about next-best actions and to configure the required personalization outcomes within a user journey flow.

For example, if you have re-engagement campaign in which a user has received multiple email messages but has not engaged with these previous emails, then instead of sending another email and possibly causing the user to churn and unsubscribe, the user journey can be adapted to send the next message on a different channel (SMS, push, in-app).

Or using the user's predictive score, you can easily define business rules to show a 10% discount offer for users with high purchase propensity vs 15% discount offer for users with low purchase propensity to drive superior business outcomes (i.e., higher conversion, increase revenue) while maximizing the purchase margin without the need to give up the additional discount to those users with high likelihood to purchase. You can then use the "channel of choice" to target users in the channel that they are most likely to engage and by using our engage time optimization feature, you can configure a user journey where the users are receiving messages at the time that they are most likely to engage with your brand.

Personalization of content in messages

Blueshift's Recommendation studio enables you to personalize every user interaction for in-the-moment interest based on users' behaviors on both website and mobile app and interactions with your products, content, and campaigns.

Blueshift provides the ability to retrieve an event from any system in real-time and populate it into a message/communication using our external fetch API right before message send.

You can use Liquid template language to define business rules and personalization within any message template, including email, SMS, push, in-app, or other channels via Cloud App template based on any user data attributes and preferences. In addition to being able to personalize the message content, message text and subject lines can also be customized based on any user data attributes.

Our message editor allows you to easily access any user data attribute via Liquid template language. More specifically, you can simply start typing in the liquid variable syntax, {{user}} and will automatically see a list of user data attributes that are available for personalization variables.

Personalization in Live Content

Blueshift provides an intuitive and easy way to apply personalized dynamic content and product recommendations on the website via our Live Content capability. It works the same way as you would personalize content in the channels. Within the Live Content template, you can easily personalize the web personalization content (i.e., title/headline) based on any user data attributes. You can control what content is shown based on any user data attributes by creating an audience segment with the user data attributes and assigning that audience segment to a Live Content campaign.

For example, you may want to show different content based on the user's lifetime value (LTV). For users with a LTV > $500, you can setup a Live Content campaign that shows a Free Shipping offer, whereas for users with a LTV < $500, you can set up a different Live Content campaign that shows a 15% discount along with Free Shipping offer to provide additional incentive to purchase.

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