With Blueshift’s pre-built integrations, we make it easy to both ingest data from your various data sources into Blueshift and export data back to your tech stack. This significantly streamlines the implementation process and reduces the time to value. Blueshift is extensible to new channels, systems, and data sources.

You can use this data further to optimize the user experience across every touchpoint with the brand.

Blueshift’s pre-built integrations are easy to set up and simply require adding and validating the vendor's authentication credentials in the integration settings within the Blueshift UI to enable these integrations. Once the authentication credentials are validated, you can immediately take advantage of these integrations throughout the Blueshift platform.

Mobile integration

For mobile integration, Blueshift provides a mobile SDK that is very easy to install for integrating your Android and iOS mobile apps with Blueshift’s event processing platform.

Pre-built integrations

The App Hub is a central place to easily browse, connect, customize, and manage all of your 3rd-party app integrations. With the agile and flexible App Hub, you can view all of your existing connections in one place and add new connections.

Blueshift supports both real-time data streaming and batch processing. Data can be imported and exported in a variety of ways. For a complete list of supported integrations, see Pre-built integrations in the App Hub.

Other integrations

Blueshift provides a flexible Custom Apps feature to integrate with an app other than the pre-built integrations that Blueshift offers. Using Custom Apps, you have the flexibility to integrate with an app that supports Rest APIs or webhooks, without any additional coding.

With Blueshift’s Custom Apps, you can orchestrate or trigger an action using your in-house and custom marketing apps in campaigns/journeys. You can orchestrate cross-channel user journeys that include Email, Push, SMS, Survey, CRM and any other Custom App that uses REST APIs.

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