Blueshift’s Custom Apps feature lets you integrate any app that supports Rest APIs or webhooks without any additional coding. With Custom Apps, you have the flexibility to integrate apps other than the pre-built integrations that Blueshift offers.

Through Custom Apps, Blueshift supports API calls made to a third party REST API with a JSON payload. For example, you can integrate your in-house and custom marketing apps.

A custom app can be used in Blueshift in the same way as a pre-built integration.

  • Send content directly to the integrated Custom app using Cloud App templates.
    • Include 1:1 personalization using Liquid.
    • Include recommendations from a recommendation algorithm created using the Recommendation Studio.
    • Include predictive content and predictive scores.
  • Include custom apps in journey triggers to orchestrate cross-channel customer journeys along with Email, Push, SMS, Survey, CRM and any other Custom App that uses REST APIs.

Why use Custom Apps?

Marketing teams use several user engagement tools, messaging systems, in-house apps, analytics & CRM systems. Blueshift's Custom Apps empowers marketing teams to unify orchestration across all these systems by orchestrating APIs.

  • Unify orchestrating cloud-based applications in customer journeys that include Email, Push, SMS as well as custom messaging channels and APIs.
  • Leverage AI powered messaging such as predictive scores & content recommendations in CRM, support systems and in-house apps.

Use Cases

Augment customer journeys by extending personalized messaging in 3rd party apps. Here are some sample use cases.

Consumer Finance:

  • Trigger a direct mail using a direct mail provider when a customer becomes unresponsive to a digital marketing channel.
  • Create a lead in your CRM when a customer visits a credit card page and provides their information. Update the lead in your CRM when the same customer performs any activity or gets notified using marketing channels.
  • Open a support ticket in your help desk system when a credit card for a customer is approved so that the customer service team can onboard that customer.
  • Create a record in your analytics tool if a customer opens an email sent from Blueshift.
  • Trigger an IVR call to remind customers about their upcoming renewal of insurance.


  • Trigger a web push notification when a customer leaves a few items in the cart and hasn’t provided any other information like email address and so on.
  • Trigger a survey to find out about the customer satisfaction for the items purchased by the customer.
  • Reach your customers on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger about upcoming offers or the offer they may be interested in based on their activities.


  • Notify a slack channel when a customer submits a new question in a course.
  • Open a support ticket for your customer service team when a student is trying to purchase a course and the payment fails or when a customer requests a cancellation.
  • Update a record in your analytics tool when a customer performs a certain activity in the course they are enrolled in.
  • Send a course completion certificate using direct mail.


  • Reach your customers about a new show via instant messaging services or web push.
  • Trigger a survey when a customer finishes watching a show or a series.
  • Play a message over a smart speaker when a new show is available.


Currently you cannot use Custom Apps for the following purposes:

  • Bulk import data
  • Syndication
  • Export data in batches

For more information about how to use custom apps, see:

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