WhatCounts provides email marketing software and services to marketing professionals. Integrate WhatCounts with Blueshift to send marketing emails from our platform to your customers.


Before you can set up integration with Blueshift, you must have your WhatCounts account set up and you must create an API client in WhatCounts.

Create an API client for Blueshift in WhatCounts

Before you can integrate WhatCounts in Blueshift, complete the following steps to create an API client in WhatCounts:

  1. Sign in to your WhatCounts account, click on profile icon on the top right corner > API Management > Setup API.


  2. On the API Client Management screen, select Add New API Client in the API Client field and provide the following details:


    Name Provide a name for this client. For example, Blueshift
    Purpose/Intent Specify a purpose for this client. For example, "Granting API access to Blueshift".
    Restricted IPs Leave this field blank. 
  3. Click Save.
  4. On the next page, click on Generate API Password next to HTTP, FTP and XML APIs


  5. Click Yes on the dialog that appears.
  6. Copy the code that WhatCount displays on the next screen and save it in a safe location. You'll need it later when you set up a WhatCounts on Blueshift. 
  7. Close the dialog.

Set up integration

Once you generate an API password for the Blueshift client, complete the following steps in Blueshift to add a WhatCounts adapter:

  1. Sign in to the Blueshift app, and click App Hub in the left navigation menu.
  2. Go to All Apps, search for, and select WhatCounts.
  3. You can also go to Email Apps and select WhatCounts.
  4. Click Configure to view all the configured adapters.
  5. Click +ADAPTER to add an adapter.
  6. Add a Name for the adapter. If you have multiple adapters, the adapter name helps you to identify the integration.
  7. Provide the following details for integration:


    Field Description
    Username Specify your WhatCounts username. Generally, it's the email address that you use to sign in to your WhatCounts account.
    API Password Paste the API password that you generated in the step 6 of the procedure above.
    From Address Specify the email address that we should use in the From field of the email.
    Reply To Address Specify the email address to which you customers can send their replies. 

    Specify the email addresses of people who should receive the copy of the email that your customers receive.

    Use comma to provide multiple email addresses. For example:


    By default, our platform sends a copy of the email to the email addresses that you specify. If you want to include the email addresses in the BCC field of the email, drop us an email on support@blueshift.com.

    List Name Specify the list that we should use to send emails. For more information on WhatCounts lists, see Lists on WhatCounts documentation.
    Whitelabel host name (CNAME)

    Specify the domain that will be used to mask links for tracking purposes.

    The domain must be setup as a CNAME record in your DNS. The CNAME must map to either links.getblueshift.com (US or Rest of the world) or links.eu.blueshift.com (EU region) based on your Blueshift login region. SSL is required for any link masking domains. If you are unsure which domain to setup in your DNS please contact your CSM or support@getblueshift.com.

    • If you do not specify a value here, and you have set up Whitelabeling for your account, then the domain setup in Account Settings will be used.
    • If you have not set up Whitelabeling for your account and you do not specify a value here, the Blueshift domain will be used for tracking.
  8. Click Save to add the adapter.

Next steps

  1. Create an Email template for your messages.
  2. In your campaign journey, add an Email trigger. On the Email tab of the trigger, go to Send Settings and specify WhatCounts as the App and select the adapter that you just created.



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