WhatCounts provides email marketing software and services to marketing professionals. Integrate WhatCounts with Blueshift to send marketing emails from our platform to your customers.  


Create an API client for Blueshift in WhatCounts

Before you can integrate WhatCounts in Blueshift, create an API client in WhatCounts. Perform the following steps in your WhatCounts account:

  1. Sign in to your WhatCounts account, click on profile icon on the top right corner > API Management > Setup API

  2. On the API Client Management screen, select Add New API Client in the API Client field and provide the following details:
    Name Provide a name for this client. For example, Blueshift
    Purpose/Intent Specify a purpose for this client. For example, "Granting API access to Blueshift".
    Restricted IPs Leave this field blank. 
  3. Click Save.

  4. On the next page, click on Generate API Password next to HTTP, FTP and XML APIs.  
  5. Click Yes on the dialog that appears.

  6. Copy the code that WhatCount displays on the next screen and save it in a safe location. You'll need it later when you set up a WhatCounts on Blueshift. 

  7. Close the dialog.


Add a WhatCounts adapter in Blueshift

Once you generate an API password for the Blueshift client, perform the following steps in Blueshift to add a WhatCounts adapter:


  1. In the Blueshift app, click Settings > Channels.
  2. On the Setup Channels page, select WhatCounts under Email.

  3. On the WhatCounts adapter page of the Blueshift app, click + ADAPTER and provide the following details:
    Alias Name Specify an alias name to identify this adapter.
    Username Specify your WhatCounts username. Generally, it's the email address that you use to sign in to your WhatCounts account.
    API Password Paste the API password that you generated in the step 6 of the procedure above.
    From Address Specify the email address that we should use in the From field of the email.
    Reply To Address Specify the email address to which you customers can send their replies. 
    List Name Specify the list that we should use to send emails. For more information on WhatCounts lists, see Lists on WhatCounts documentation.
  4. Click Save



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