The delighted template allows sending surveys to users. A Delighted account is required to use this template. To use the delighted template, only the “Auth Header Value” needs to be provided. All the other fields are already set. Copy the api_key (which can be found on the delighted website once you are logged in) and add a “:” to the end of it. Encode the API key along with the “:” using a Base64 encoder. Add this after “Basic ” in the “Auth Header Value” field. For example, if your API key is “7tb6ZeX2FDFQKxZARoMNB1haXGjo3IID”, then you need to encode “7tb6ZeX2FDFQKxZARoMNB1haXGjo3IID:” in a base64 encoder. This gives you “N3RiNlplWDJGREZRS3haQVJvTU5CMWhhWEdqbzNJSUQ6”. Put this in the “Auth Header Value” field, which will be “Basic N3RiNlplWDJGREZRS3haQVJvTU5CMWhhWEdqbzNJSUQ6”. The default way to send the template is by email, so you may want to open Advanced Settings and set the “Unique Sent Identifier” to email. You can also change the delighted channel by editing it in the content tab.


For more information about the Delighted API, visit:

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