Transactions in event triggered campaigns

In an event triggered campaign, you add triggers that send messages to customers when the conditions for the trigger are met. When the triggering event is a state of a transaction model, you can use attributes from the transaction record (attributes from all the events tied to the transaction record) as delay criteria for the campaign.

For example, consider a Hotel booking transaction model. When you send a message for the check in state (event), you can use a template designed for a particular hotel brand by using the hotel brand information that is part of the booked state (event).


Consider the following example of a campaign that uses a transaction model (Hotel Booking) for a hotel booking:

Transaction model: Hotel Booking

Transaction states (events): booked, checkin, checkout, cancel

Event attributes for booked: booked_status, checkin_date, checkout_date, hotel_brand, room_type, payment

  1. The campaign is triggered when a customer books a hotel room. (Transaction = Hotel Booking, event = booked, attribute = booked_status).
  2. A confirmation email is sent to the customer. The email template is personalised for the user and the hotel brand. (Transaction = Hotel Booking, event = booked, attribute = hotel_brand)
  3. A reminder SMS is sent to the customer 2 days before the check in date using a transaction attribute based delay. (Transaction = Hotel Booking, event = booked, attribute = checkin_date)
  4. After check in, a welcome email is sent to the customer with information about wifi passwords, dining hours, and other hotel facilities. The checkin event triggers this email, but information within the email is based on the room_type information passed in the booked event. For example, if the room_type is one that includes wifi, then a wifi password is included in the email. (Transaction = Hotel Booking, event = checkin, attribute = room_type (from booked event))
  5. After check out, the customer is sent a thank you message and a billing summary. (Transaction = Hotel Booking, event = checkout)
  6. Two days after the customer checks out, an email is sent asking for feedback using an attribute based delay. (Transaction = Hotel Booking, event = checkout, attribute = checkout_timestamp)


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