Sending Copies of Emails

For email triggers in campaigns, you have the ability to send a copy of the email to a set of specified email addresses whenever a user gets messaged. You can think of this feature as something similar to the BCC in many email clients. A sample use case for this feature would be to send a copy of the email to a support inbox, so that your customer support staff can reference it.

This feature sends a copy of EVERY email to EVERY user in trigger to the specified recipients. It is hidden by default - please contact your Blueshift admin to get it enabled. Only use this feature if you know exactly what you are doing!!

The feature is available in the Advanced settings section for email triggers. The field name is "Send Copy of Email To" and, by default, it is set to "None", which means no copies will be sent.



There are 3 possible settings: "None", "Seed list", and "Custom".

If "Seed list" is selected, you will get a select box where you can select a seed list of users to message.



The seed list here functions differently from the seed list you set on a campaign. When you set a seed list for a trigger, the users in the seed list will receive a copy of every email to every user (like you would expect if you BCC'ed the seed list on every email send). In contrast, if the seed list is set on the campaign, the users in the seed list will only receive one email. 

If "Custom" is selected, you get a text box where you can enter in a comma separated list of emails to message. You can also use a Liquid expression to dynamically specify the recipients. For example, if you are running an event-triggered campaign and the event has an attribute "bcc" that is equal to "", you can use the Liquid expression "{{bcc}}" and a copy of every email will be sent to "" for each user that is messaged. You can even use a combination of hardcoded emails and Liquid.



The copy that is sent is almost identical to the original email with a few key differences. The first difference is the original recipient email is appended to the subject line, along with the seed list (if applicable). The second difference is that these copies do not generate stats like opens or clicks. You can interact with these email copies without affected the original user's campaign journey.

Note: The email copies would be counted as additional sends for billing purposes

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