Silent push notifications allow you to deliver a notification silently to your app without notifying the app user with an alert. These notifications are typically used to verify that your app is still installed on the customer's device.

Uninstall Tracking

You can use silent push notifications to monitor uninstalls. By sending a silent push notification to all customers eligible to receive push notifications, you can ensure that you have the latest count of active customers. When you run a silent push campaign against all eligible customers, Blueshift removes device tokens from the customer profile if the user has uninstalled the app. 

Note: Blueshift relies on the APNS or FCM feedback to know if a device token is active and based on that it determines if the app is uninstalled.

Run a silent push campaign

To run a silent push campaign and track app uninstalls, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a push template for the silent notification.
  2. Set up a segment for users with push enabled devices. 
  3. Create and run the push campaign.
  4. Check the segment to get the updated count of customers with push enabled devices.

Create a push template

Create a push template and select Silent Push as the Notification type. For iOS notifications, set the Interruption Level as Passive.


Create a segment users with push enabled devices

Create a segment of users with the following conditions:

  • User Attributes:
    • device_tokens is not empty
    • devices.enable_push is true

Refresh the user count to get the number of customers who have installed your app on at least one device.


Run a silent push campaign

Create a one time campaign with the segment you created in step 2 and add a Push message trigger using the template you created in step 1.


On the campaign Properties tab, ensure that you select the properties such that the silent push notification will be sent to all qualified customers:

  • Skip user messaging limits check
  • Do not count towards messaging limits
  • Skip global inclusion segment check
  • Message users who have previously unsubscribed or reported spam 


Run the campaign.

Check customer count

Go back to the segment that you created in step 2 and refresh the user count. You can now see the most recent count of customers who have installed the app on their devices.

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