mPulse Mobile delivers solutions that you can use to reach your customers over a range of channels such as call centers, email, text messaging, portals, apps, and physical mail. Our integration with mPulse provides you an option to reach your customers over IVR (interactive voice response) via mPulse.


Create an mPulse cloud app template

  1. On the left navigation panel of the Blueshift app, click Creatives > Cloud App.
  2. Click + TEMPLATES on the Cloud App Templates page.
  3. Select mPulse on the Select A Cloud App page that appears.
  4. Configure the template including the name, tags and other relevant information:

    Field Description
    Template Name Specify a name for the template to identify it on the index screen. 
    API Endpoint Specify the API endpoint that receives the request that we make. Reach out to your mPulse account manager to get details of the API endpoint. 
    Auth Header Key Specify the word: Authorization.
    Auth Header Value

    Specify your mPulse account's access token in the format: Basic Access_Token.  

    You can use Base64 encryption to generate your Access_Token using your mPulse account's username and password. 

    For example, if your username is john, and password is 1111aaaA#, the access token will be the Base64 encoded of the string: john:1111aaaA# (which is am9objoxMTExYWFhQSM=). 


    Specify tags to organize this template. Since this template is a Blueshift resource that you use in campaigns, you can use tagging to organize it under folders. For more information on this, see Tagging.

  5. Specify the JSON under the content tab to specify the data and its format that we should send to mPulse.

  6. Save your template.

You can use this template in your campaign journey's trigger. When the trigger is run, our platform makes an API call to mPulse and sends the populated JSON that you configure here. 

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