The AI suggested content wizard uses advanced Generative AI that helps you to create more personalized and relevant communications that resonate with your target audience and increase engagement. With the AI suggested content wizard, you can get creative ideas for catchy and engaging content, polish and rephrase your current content and take content personalization to the next level.

The AI algorithms consider factors such as the content of the message, the target audience, and the overall tone and style of the campaign to generate suggestions that are relevant and appealing. You can use these suggestions as starting points and modify them as required to fit your specific campaign and audience.

If your content is in a language other than English, you can generate content suggestions for your language.

The AI suggested content wizard is available in the following creative studios:

Input criteria for suggestions

The following inputs are used by the AI suggested content wizard to generate suggestions:

  • Based on (Using)
    • Existing content
    • Message body
    • Custom prompt
  • Demographic group (For)
  • Content Tone
  • Content Language

Use the wizard

To use the AI suggested content wizard, open the template and complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Content tab and click the AI wand icon next to the content that you want suggestions for.


    The AI Suggested Content wizard opens.

  2. Select the Input criteria.
    1. Using - Select the criteria that you want to base the suggestions on. You can select either of the following options as the base content:
      • Existing subject line or Existing preheader text - The subject line or preheader text that you have already added to the email template.
      • Existing subject - The subject for an SMS template.
      • Existing title - The title for the Push message.
      • Message body - The content in the message body for an email, SMS, or Push message.
      • Custom prompt - Keywords that you want to use as the basis for the suggested content.
    2. For (optional) - Select the target demographic group.
    3. Tone (optional) - Select the tone for the suggested content.
    4. Language (optional) - Select the language for your content. The default language is English.


  3. Click Show Results.
    A total of 5 AI generated alternates are suggested for the content.


  4. Click the Copy icon to use the suggested text as your subject line or preheader text.

View previous suggestions

If you have previously generated suggestions for the content for the same template, you can view these suggestions in the AI suggested content wizard.

Note: Previously generated suggestions for the AI suggested content wizard are retained for 13 months.

  1. Click the AI wand icon for either the subject line or preheader.
  2. Go to the Results tab.
  3. From the Test dropdown, select the required test to review previously selected criteria and suggestions.
  4. Use the previous < and newer > buttons to scroll through the generated suggestions.




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