The SMS message content is defined in the Content tab of the SMS studio. The content tab is divided into two areas, Design and Preview.

Design area

This is where you specify the text content of the message. You can include emojis in your messages. For MMS messages, you can include a message Subject and a Media URL.

  • You can use liquid variables to personalize the messages for your customers. You can also include recommendations.
  • You can use the AI suggested content wizard to get creative ideas for catchy and engaging subject lines and message content.


SMS messages

With the SMS studio, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to a mobile device. If the message contains one or more unicode characters, like emojis, the message can contain up to 70 characters. Longer messages are normally split up into multiple messages (called as segments) and sent and then they are automatically re-assembled by the receiving mobile device. However, this increases your send costs as each message segment is counted separately.

When you create your message, you can view the remaining character count and the message count in the message preview area. If your message contains dynamic content, the actual character count can vary from one customer to another. We recommend that you preview these counts for multiple users to ensure that you don't exceed the number of messages budgeted for the SMS campaign.


MMS messages

When you send MMS messages, you can include the following different media types in the messages. 

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Contact cards
  • Calendar invites
  • PDFs

You can upload image and GIF files in Blueshift by going to Templates > Images. Other media files must be hosted at an external location. You can then use the Media URL in the message template. 

You can also create one or more Virtual contact cards from the Account settings on the Blueshift platform and use them in your MMS messages.


If you are using Blueshift or Sinch to send your messages, refer to the Sinch SMS documentation for best practices on file size and dimensions for your MMS notifications. For other SMS providers, check out our SMS integrations page.

Preview area

The SMS preview is generated for the specific user that is selected as the preview user.

Additionally, we recommend that you test send the message to ensure that it renders as expected.


Include Deep Links

Blueshift Deep Links are http or https URLs that take users to a particular page in the app or launch a particular page in a browser. When you send a Blueshift deep link in an SMS or an email and a customer clicks the link, both iOS and Android can launch your app and open a particular page in the app that is mapped to the link.

For more information, see Blueshift's deep links.

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