Customer feedback reminder

Send feedback reminder emails to customers who have completed a certain event and haven't submitted a feedback in X days. 

For example, customers who have checked out from a hotel in the past X days, but haven't submitted any feedback or customers who have purchased a book in the past X days but haven't submitted any feedback. 


Before you reach out to Blueshift to set up the derived event, you must complete the following tasks.

Event Input

  • Specify the criteria for the target audience - For example, all customers who have completed event A (e.g. checked out, purchase) and have not completed event B (e.g. feedback) within N (e.g. 7) days.

Event Output

Blueshift will configure the logic which generates a ‘feedback_reminder’ event for any customer who meets the above criteria. Each feedback_reminder event contains the following information:

  • Item - the item for which the feedback is to be given.
  • Customer - the customer who needs to be alerted about the feedback.

Trigger the campaign

Set up an event triggered campaign which is triggered by the derived feedback_reminder event. Use the Triggering event attributes to select the right target audience.


The derived event feedback_reminder is used to trigger the campaign.


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