Send a subscription renewal message to customers who have subscriptions which are expiring in the next X days. For example, a customer may have a yearly online newspaper subscription or a half-yearly subscription for an online learning portal which is expiring within the next 30 days.


Before you reach out to Blueshift to set up the subscription.expire derived event, you must complete the following tasks.

Event Input

  • Specify the criteria for the target audience - For example, all customers who have subscriptions which are expiring within the next N (e.g. 15) days.

Event Output

Blueshift will configure the logic which generates a ‘subscription.expire’ event for any customer who meets the above criteria. Each subscription.expire event contains the following information:

  • Item - the item for which the subscription is expiring.
  • Customer - the customer who needs to be alerted about the expiration.

Trigger the campaign

Set up an event triggered campaign which is triggered by the derived subscription expiry event. Use the Triggering event attributes to select the right target audience.


The derived event subscription.expire is used to trigger the campaign. You can include any promotions or discounts in the messaging template.


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