Promotion for a frequently viewed item

Send promotional material to customers who frequently visit particular items or a category of items in a catalog. For example, if you run a furniture store and a customer frequently visits the tables category on your site, you can send promotional material regarding the tables in your catalog to your customers.


Before you reach out to Blueshift to set up the frequent_visit derived event, you must complete the following tasks.

  • Upload a catalog to Blueshift.
  • Send customer activity data (events) with catalog item interactions to Blueshift.

Event Input

  • Specify the criteria for the target audience -.For example, all customers who had an event A (e.g. view) for an item  at least T (e.g. 5) times but did not have an event B (e.g. purchase) for the item within the past N (e.g. 30) days.

Event Output

Blueshift will configure the logic which generates a ‘frequent_visit’ event for any customer who meets the above criteria. Each freqent_visit event contains the following information:

  • Item - the item which was frequently viewed.
  • Customer - the customer who viewed the items.


 "product_ids": [

Recommendation Scheme

If you want to include items in the messaging templates in the form of recommendations, you must set up a recommendation scheme. You can use the Retail - Frequent Visit recipe as the basis for the scheme.

Trigger the campaign

Set up an event triggered campaign which is triggered by the derived frequent visit event. Use the Triggering event attributes to select the right target audience.

Note: You can also set up a segment and use it in a segment based campaign.


The derived event frequent_visit.view is used to trigger the campaign. 


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