seed list allows you to test where an email will land across different email clients and devices as well as see how your campaigns are rendered in different browsers and email clients.

The seed list feature in Blueshift requires you to upload a list of users (like internal users), and subsequently use it in a campaign. When the campaign is launched, it sends a copy of the first message to each user in the seed list.

The seed list behavior for different types of campaigns is outlined below

  • One-time campaigns: First message from the campaign
  • Recurring campaigns: First message for each run 
  • Event triggered campaigns: First message from the campaign on launch. (Pausing and re-launching will result in the first message post re-launch to be sent to the seed list users)
  • Segment triggered campaigns running continuously: Same behavior as event triggered campaigns
  • Segment triggered campaigns running daily: First message every day


  1. Follow the same Customer List setup process but select "Seed list" as the option.


  1. Associate the Seed list to use with the campaign under advanced setting.


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